Elyse's AOD folder

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

celebration appreciation

Katie and I celebrated and appreciated all the accomplishments of PSECians. We created a power point that had pictures and descriptions of the projects in PSEC. We even had the seniors on it who are going to college.

preflection on evaluation and reflection

Katie Couric's Jay Monahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health has made the testing for colon cancer go up by 20%. They found this out when they reflected on what had been happening with Katie's center. Because she did that preflection and found out that people needed to be told about colon cancer, she created the center. In reflection they saw that the center jumped the percentage of colon cancer testing by 20%.

Evaluation and reflection

Katie Couric evaluated the situation and in her reflection of it she created a center to help with the curing of colon cancer.

Friday, May 26, 2006


We all demonstrated diversity in our community meeting on wendsday. We demonstrated personal diversity with our different facts about ourselves that no one else could have or know about. Then we demonstrated cultural diversity with all the foods that we brought. I brought good old american chili and corn bread. Scott is mexican so he brought his yummy taco salad. Some other things brought were gritts, tofu curry, fried rice, pot stickers, and other good foods. We have many different kinds of diversity in this school. I think that it make things fun.

Public Judgment

My political judgment is on the power points put together for a perfect PSEC. The nerds are boys and they want to get better food. I work in the lunch box and I hear all the squealing about how we make everything to expensive. Now they want better food!!! Don't they know that we will have to pay for the gas to get that food plus it will cost like $7 dollars for one meal when they won't even pay $1.75 for pizza and a pop. We are not going to go into debt for their tummies. The Perfect PSEC wants more freedom when some of their members were the ones making stupid decisions so that we couldn't have more freedom. And last is my groups presentation. It's okay but the phone tree would never in my whole life ever work. People need to buck up and check their e-mail. I think political judgment always ends up making someone mad so I am sorry if you are offended by this but it is what I think.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Creative Conflict review

This was like the second part of the creative conflict negotiation process. The first part was of the superintendents wanting to fire some teachers. The second was of the students showing the superintendents that this was not the way to go. At this point they are demonstrating diversity with the different perspectives on this conflict.

Creative conflict

Shoreline Students Walk Out In Protest
- that was the heading on the komo4news website. These students demonstrated creative conflict in this way to get the attention of the 3, yes 3, superintendents that made a mistake and now want to fire teachers for that mistake. They thought they were going to get more money because they thought they had 3,500 vocational students when they only actually had 700. To make up for this mistake they want to fire teachers. The kids wrote letters in pencil to let the superintendents know that they only need 1 superintendent so 2 of them should be fired to pay for some of those teachers salaries. They came up with a creative way to produce growth in the way they wanted it to go.

Social Capital review

The government and the public/ people are doing a bridging type of social capitol to help eachother. The government as a group and the public as a group. The public wants to preserve there right to freedom and they don't want illegal aliens to mess that up. The government wants to protect the people of the USA. By helping eachother out they accomplish both those goals.

Social capital

Right now there has been trouble in the US with immigration. It isn't one particular article but a lot of them that I have seen over the last few months. The US is struggling on comming up with ways to keep illegal immigrants out. The government has had to find ways to help and let the people help. For example, they have had to work with the volunteer boarder patrol on the Mexico boarder. The people and the government have found something in common so they use each other for good. The government needs people to guard the boarders and the people can't do it unless they have authorization. So the job gets done because the government and the people worked together.

Active Listening review

Kent demonstrated active listening. He was focused on the speaker and he used body language to reinforce that point. He even used some form of the " I hear you saying_______" sentence.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Active Listening

Active listening was the focus of this weeks arts of democracy. Half of cohort two went to down town Seattle and demonstrated this art. We had fun listening to Kent, who is the host of Northwest Afternoon. We had to applaud when he was done speaking and we had to nod our heads and act like we understood what he was saying. It was a forced active listening but it was still that.